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Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Hearing The Judgement Yesterday, The Recurring Decimal Was That The Petitioners Failed’ – Eze Onyekpere

A Legal Practitioner, Eze Onyekpere has alleged that the recurring decimal in the PEPT court judgment yesterday was that the petitioner failed. He added that it sounded like a rebuke from the judges to the petitioners for bringing election matters to the court. He stated further that the electoral commission which should have been blamed by the Judges was exempted after so many alleged irregularities in the 2023 Presidential election. 

He said in an interview with Channels Tv, ”The petitioners went to court, and for the first two to three weeks, the Court gave an order to INEC to provide them and give them access to BVAS and materials. It took almost three weeks before they could have access and they didn’t have more than a couple of days before INEC came here with an application that they want to wipe off because they had to use the machine for an election. 

In so many states of the federation, the INEC puts obstacle on the way of the petitioners to access the materials and information they need. And you put the blame on them. Because hearing the judgment yesterday, the recurring decimal was that the petitioner failed, at some point it was sounding like a rebuke to the petitioner for coming to court in the first place. If you are presuming irregularities from the government agencies like INEC and it has been shown to you that there is nothing regular with what they have done. It’s up to the commission to show why it has to be believed.”

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