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Different Categories Of Outfits You Can Design For Your Customers

As a fashion designer, you really need to make sure you update yourself with different style of outfits from time to time so that you can make recommendations to your customers.

Here are different style of outfits you can recommend to your customers as a fashion designer;

– Long gowns; A lot of ladies will really want to have long gowns in their wardrobe and this is because it looks good on every woman and they are highly suitable for a lot of events.

– Peplum tops or gowns; You can also create Beautiful Peplum tops for your customers with different neckline designs, you could create Peplum tops with v neckline like the one shown below.

– You can use an Ankara material with organza to make a simple knee length or short gown for your customers.

– Collar neck tops; They are very common amongst several ladies and your customers will really love to wear them.

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