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Friday, September 29, 2023

Based On Polling Units & Ward results for 17 States, We Can Say That Things Are Going Well–LP Team

The legal team for the Labour Party and Peter Gregory Obi, the party’s presidential candidate, updated several media outlets a few hours ago on their progress in providing evidence before the current Election Petitions Tribunal in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Despite many attempts by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to sabotage the Labour Party’s efforts in court, one of Obi’s attorneys, Ben Anachebe (SAN), said in a video report posted online by AIT on Wednesday that the legal team was making significant progress toward presenting all of the evidence it had in its possession.

The Senior Advocate further stated that given the complexity of the case, it might not be necessary for the Labour Party to summon everyone witness it had scheduled to appear earlier. It is safe to infer that everything is going according to plan for us based on the results at the ward and polling unit levels for the 17 States that we have thus far presented, he said.

Once all of the remaining results sheets have been sent in, we will begin presenting the “expert evidence” in court. As you can see, in a case like this, the evidence is essential. The accompanying materials provided by the Labour Party are also accepted without objection. What is outstanding is getting smaller every day, with the exception of the BVAS machine access requests that INEC has not yet approved for us.


Beyond that, though, everything is proceeding as planned, despite attempts to impede and confound us. On the ball, our attention is focused. We might not end up summoning every single witness in the case of the witness issue. Our judgment ultimately determines what needs to be proven. Every witness won’t be asked to give a testimony in court. We were simply obliged to estimate the number of witnesses we would need when questioned. We might not need all of the witnesses, though, considering the volume of papers submitted”.

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