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People Mock Me Because Of My Weight & I Feel Useless After My Husband Looks At Me – Lady

A lady who identifies as Amaka Onyema was interviewed by BBC News many hours ago and during this interview she talked about how her drastic weight gain negatively impacted her life and what she did about it. She stated that people especially neighbours have mocked her because of her weight and she also feels useless after her husband looks at her.

According to her, she has always been a big woman but she added more weight after she got married and gave birth. She became so big to the extent that to move around was a problem and she spent most of the time on bed. She knew that she had to loose weight after she developed pregnancy high blood pressure after giving birth. She further revealed that her husband married her because he loves big women, but at times the way he looks at her after she added more weight made her feel useless. The mockery she suffered in the hands of people especially her neighbours were also part of what motivated her to loose weight and so she cut off carbohydrates from her diet which made her reduce a little.

She said, “I was not always this big. My weight increased so much that I became a laughing stock to people especially my neighbours. They’ll call me bag of rice and fat woman. Even the way my husband looks at me made me feel useless.

“I cut off from carbohydrates and noticed a change. My husband and children are happy with the results and I’ll continue”.

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Amaka Onyema
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