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Why On Earth will Any Nigerain Of Another Tribe Say That An Igbo Person Would Never Rule – Pere Egbi

Pere Egbi, a well-known Nigerian actor, model, and former Big Brother Naija contestant, took to Twitter to criticize Seyi Law, a Nigerian comedian, for his past remarks about the Igbos. Seyi Law had been a vocal supporter of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the last election season.

In a recent tweet, Pere accused Seyi Law of saying that an Igbo person could not lead Nigeria. This remark did not sit well with Pere, who felt that it was discriminatory and divisive. He took to Twitter to call out Seyi Law and express his disappointment in his comments.

Seyi Law responded to Pere’s tweet by calling for unity among Nigerians. He emphasized the need for everyone to come together and work towards building a better Nigeria. However, Pere was not satisfied with Seyi Law’s response and continued to criticize him for his past comments.

The exchange between Pere and Seyi Law highlights the ongoing tensions and divisions within Nigeria. As the country continues to grapple with issues of tribalism and discrimination, it is important for individuals to be mindful of their words and actions and work towards promoting unity and inclusivity.

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