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I Was A Bit Scandalized By President Tinubu’s Inaugural Speech, But I Don’t Blame Him—Okonkwo

During an interview with Arise News, the former spokesperson of the Labour Party, Kenneth Okonkwo, revealed that he was a bit scandalized by President Bola Tinubu’s inaugural speech, but he does not blame him. He made the statement after being asked if he was inspired or depressed by Tinubu’s speech during his inauguration.

Okonkwo further stated that President Tinubu contradicted what he was reading with his exact . He alleged, however, that the statement was written for him to read to the people.


According to him, “I was a bit scandalized by it because a statement was made to be an inaugural speech, and right there in the speech, you could see the man contradicting the exact thing he was saying. Well, I may not blame him; the statement was written for him, but his won , which were not in the text, ran exactly contrary to the exact thing he was saying, meaning he was simply being a mouthpiece to somebody who wrote something.”

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