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“Our Maid Chewed Me When I Was Just 13 Years, I Started Chewing Every Maid they Brought at Home”- Man Confesses

This man has confessed how maids always use kids they are hired to take care of, especially when their bosses are not always at home. He has confessed how he was taught how to chew sumbie by his maid who used to shower with him.

Appearing in an interview with The Shantal Mirrors Show, this man who failed to disclose his name has told his story which shocked many.

Below is his story:

“I enjoyed sleeping with our maids. i was a boy of 13 years when i started sleeping with our maids at first it was not me who initiated the plan. Both my parents were always busy, dad was a truck driver and mummy was a business woman, the only person who used to take care of us. I mean me and my siblings was the older maid we maid at home. All my siblings were in boarding section apart from me, there’s a way i used to enjoy the maid’s company even though i was young, young i took her as a best friend because she was taking of me, cooking, ironing sometimes she could bath me.

She could take me to the bathroom and take shower together, since i was still young i didnt mind alot. When i turned 13 years she said am grown up man, she started showing me what i have to do,step by step i learnt what to do of course
of course i enjoyed everything went to school and told my boys about it. My dear parents 70% of the boys at school were sleeping with the maids at that early age, i want to tell that most men who grew up with maids where taught sex by the maids and lost their virginity by maids. To cut the story short, one day my dad found me in the maids room naked asked me why i am naked i told him i am looking foe my clothes.

He asked you look for your clothed when you are naked but the good thing the maid was sleeping i was trying to wake her up to give me my dose. i guess my. So the maid lost her job i think my parents sensed, she lost her job, i felt bad because she had kids to take care, this habit continued , i slept with the  next two maids that worked for i slept with them too even though my parents warned them but i was so persuasive. I stopped sleeping with maids when i joined the university.

My concern to to my fellow parents is, do you do blood checkups for the maids?
Right now i cant accept to have a maid in my house for two reasons
1. I might sleep with them again

2 . I am afraid my sons might inherit what i did.”

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