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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Woman Confesses Sleeping With Her Son Once, Now He Wants To Do It Regularly, Says His Mum Is Sweet

A Ghanaian woman who didn’t give her name made a huge stir on social media when she let slip that she is in love with her own son.

In a recent Facebook post, the woman said she used to tell her son about her s* urge after he saw it on her WhatsApp status.

As part of her son’s efforts to make sure his mother is happy in any way possible, he offered that they have s*x if that’s the only thing she wants.

The woman said that, despite her son’s age and level of growth, she was surprised by how big his private parts were.

She also said that they only had s*x once, but that her son seemed to get carried away with the act and is now asking for more.

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