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If Tinubu Gets Sworn In As President, He Becomes The Governor Of FCT – Sumner Sambo

Sumner Sambo was live on Arise Television and he’s the Arise politics editor. According to the news that was shared by Arise News on twitter, Sumner Sambo was asked if Abuja (FCT) is being treated as an important place other than a political capital of Nigeria.

Sumner Sambo went further to say that the Nigeria government seems to be disobeying the court of appeal and the supreme court of the land. The Federal Capital Territory is known as a special state by the founding fathers of the nation. He also said that in section 299, FCT shall be treated as if it’s one of the state federation.

Source: Arise News

Sumner Sambo made a statement saying;

“In section 301 and 302, it says that the president of Nigeria is going to be the governor of FCT”.

He also said that during the presidential election on February 25th, Nigerians voted for the president and governor of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). He went further to say that in FCT, the ministers are like commissioners, the vice president is like the deputy governor of the state and the president is the governor.

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