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Leaders Keep The Citizens Uneducated And Send Their Children Abroad For Education – Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, a popular Nigerian actor, has revealed that the political leaders of the country are keeping the citizens uneducated while they send their children abroad to get quality education. He slammed the leaders of the country, saying that it’s evil for them to not provide quality facilities for the proper education of the citizens and send their children abroad to get quality education. He frowned at the rate at which uneducated people continue to increase in the country.

Kenneth quoted the words of Bode George, who said education makes the people easy to govern and difficult to deceive. He supported George’s words, saying the government must aim to improve the educational sector of the country for citizens to remain enlightened. Furthermore, he alleged that the leader of the nation knows that if the citizens become highly educated they will become difficult to deceive and that is while they would rather not develop the educational sector.

He said, “Education makes people easy to govern and difficult to deceive – Bode George. Every government in Nigeria must pursue education for all. Enough of to brainwash of our people by evil leaders who keep them uneducated in Nigeria while sending their kids abroad for education.”

Source: Twitter.

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