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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Drama As Lady Kisses Boyfriend and Takes His Chicken to Mark Her Territory After She Caught At An Eatery With Her Boss

A Nigerian lady has made headlines after she marked her territory by kissing her boyfriend and taking his chicken from his plate at an eatery.

The incident reportedly occurred during work hours when the lady went to buy food for her colleagues on her boss’s birthday.

Upon arriving at the eatery, she saw her boyfriend with another woman, who she assumed he was trying to woo.

In a bid to assert her dominance and send a message to the other woman, she walked up to her boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the lips before taking a piece of chicken from his plate.

However, the girlfriend revealed that she has since sent messages to her boyfriend but is yet to receive a response from him. It is unclear if the incident has caused any further issues in their relationship.

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