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Monday, June 5, 2023

GRV: If APC gets away with this; I Will Need Militants, Guns, And Weapons To Become Governor.

The Labour Party’s Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor, who lost to APC’s Sanwo-Olu in the recently conducted Lagos State Governorship election, recently held a news conference. Rhodes-Vivor was the Labour Party’s nominee for governor of Lagos State.

He responded to inquiries on how he intended to legally contest the election results during the press conference. Additionally, he said that his campaign mobilised a new group of voters who refused to be bought off, and he accused the APC of intimidating voters for other political parties—not only Igbos, but Yorubas as well—by deploying thugs and violence.

In response to a query, he stated that if the APC is allowed to get away with what they did in Lagos, he would need militants armed with firearms and other weapons if he wanted to win the next election and become governor.

Gbadebo criticised the APC government for remaining silent when voters were threatened during the election since it was in their favour. It simply means that if I want to be Lagos’ governor, I must have a militant group and weapons.

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He said: “No one will get away with this. The moment these individuals get away with this, any future election in Lagos State would be considered a battle, and this is no longer our Gbadebo. It simply means that I must have a militant organisation and weapons if I want to be the governor of Lagos.”

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