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What Happened After A Year 3 Medical Student Lost Her Brain Functions—Dr Olukoya

Dr Dk Olukoya, the founder and presiding General Overseer of the Yaba-based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries has taken to his official Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on how the destiny of people can be destroyed by wicked powers. In the message, the cleric shared a story of what happened after a year three medical student, lost her brain functions.

As shared by the cleric, from 33:21 to 35:20 of the video, a young lady who was admitted into a University medical college was doing pretty well in her studies not until she got to year three. In the third year of her studies, she suddenly lost her brain functions; she started to write nonsense and say rubbish things. She could not understand what was being done or said in her studies, anymore. The common Medical jargon such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, and others, is no longer understood what they meant. She had forgotten all of them.

According to the cleric, she had to be withdrawn from the medical college, to become an apprentice tailor—where she would learn tailoring and sewing trade. But, she later went for deliverance and after seven weeks of intense prayer bombardment, she then remembered what happened to her. She then remembered that she sometimes had a dream where she saw a goat, walking majestically at her front. It got to a stage, the goat used its leg to stir up sand into her face and that was how the problems started when she awoke.

According to the cleric, that was how she become a total dunce. But, when prayers were specifically said concerning what the goat represented, and that the sand should go back to the sender, it was then her brain cleared, and her brain functions were returned. The best part of it, she later got her medical degree in America. But, if there were no avenues of prayers and deliverance for her, that would have been the end of her career and destiny.

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