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“Cheers to the beginning of my best life” Actress Esther Ene asks fans for help as she marks birthday

It is the birthday of Nollywood actress and mother of one, Esther Ene.

The CEO of Shirt Freak, who is currently in the UK has shared photos of herself to mark her new age.

Esther Ene expressed gratitude to God for her new age. She appreciated Him for all He has done and how he outdid himself in her life. She also appreciated him for proving himself reliable and most efficient.

Cheering to a new beginning, Esther Ene urged her fans to pray for her.


Lord I am grateful for a new age, you have done and outdid yourself in my life. Proven to be the most reliable and most efficient. Cheers to the beginning of my best life. Say a prayer for me”.

The actress further asked her fans to subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Esther Ene pens emotional note to son as he clocks 3

Recall that months back, Esther Ene had penned an emotional note to her son, Chevaughn as he clocked 3 on October 1st.

The proud mother took to her Instagram page to express her gratitude to God for the special gift he gave her.

Esther stated that whenever she counts her blessings, she counts him twice because he is more than a blessing to her and her husband.

Raining prayers on him, she wrote,

Happy birthday to my womb opener @ojirechevaughn my special gift from God, the one who has brought us joy and made us parents. I release the blessings of God God upon you son. You grow strong and fulfill destiny’s purpose for you life, you will be greater and better than your peers, the hand of the Lord will direct every step you take in life. If I am counting my blessings I count you twice because you are more than a blessing to us. The Lord will preserve, protect, guide and direct you. I decree and declare this day that : You are great, you are blessed, you are strong, you are intelligent, you will make the right decisions in life, you shall not die, you will not fail nor fall, you are lifted above your peers, you are smart and bright, you will be a blessing to your generation, you will love and succeed in all your endeavors, you are indeed BLESSED. Amen I love you with every fiber in me. Grow and do exploits my son. Happy birthday CHEVAUGHN CHIYEME OJIRE”.

Esther Ene marks birthday in style
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