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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Unrest In APC As USA President Joe Biden Was Told Not To Recognise Tinubu As President-Elect

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NADECO, USA Executive Director Lloyd Ukwu, speaking at an international news conference on the “2023 Nigerian Election Crisis,” called Tinubu’s election illegal, declaring that the main Nigerian pro-democracy group has severed ties with him.

At a news conference conducted on Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Ukwu urged the Joe Biden administration and the international world not to recognize Tinubu’s election. He described the press conference as “the first of its series of activities planned over the next several weeks regarding the recently held presidential election in Nigeria”.

Part of his remarks are seen below:

“NADECO alleges that the election results pronounced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (“INEC”), February 25-26, 2023, are fundamentally at odds with Nigerian election laws and constitute wholesale disenfranchisement of Nigerian voters caused by the pervasive rot of Nigeria’s increasingly kleptocratic political structure.

“NADECO demands that INEC draw back its curtains to let the full light of truth verify the transparency and validity of the 2023 electoral processes. Without a doubt, practically all of the electoral reforms put in place to protect the 2023 Nigerian elections have been savaged by INEC and scattered to the winds of tyranny. It goes without saying that preliminary research into the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Elections reveals that Nigeria’s most recent election is the polar opposite of transparency, justice, and electoral integrity. This election was tainted by blatant bribery and widespread corruption – even INEC has admitted to failing to comply with the requisite transparency laws mandating real-time electronic transmission of election results from polling units to the public, instead opting to cloak the electronic results in darkness before emerging with a declared rather than proven “winner” who is currently incapable of being fully embraced by the World.

“The action of the Independent National Election Commission INEC plainly constitutes negligence per se and electoral fraud, since it breached the precise statutory provisions and guidelines intended to protect against the type of fraud produced by its failure to transmit results in real time. The people of Nigeria are meant to be the ones protected by the law. Instead, they have been on the receiving end of the resulting terrible injustice.

“NADECO calls on the people and judiciary of Nigeria, as well as the international community, to join hands in a concerted effort toward global condemnation and absolute rejection of the hasty, hollow, and illegitimate result declared by INEC as being contrary to the will of the people and the rule of law.

“NADECO asks the Biden administration to withhold any acknowledgement of the outcome of the flawed election until there is confirmation that the electoral process reflects the desire of the Nigerian people and was free of serious corruption and fraud.

“NADECO also asks the US Congress to pass a resolution urging the US administration not to recognize the result of the election. It comes from a poisonous tree.

“NADECO calls on the international community to support the empaneling of a team of internationally acknowledged technical experts to inspect and analyze the INEC servers, and BVAS, etc. to extract the actual votes.

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