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Sina Rambo celebrates his estranged wife, Heidi Korth on her 25th birthday (video)

The association of online in-laws are rolling in the mud after singer, Sina Rambo took to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife, Heidi Korth as she clocks twenty-five today, 7th February.

Beating all odds of the marital drama they are embroiled in, the father of one shared a short video of himself and his estranged wife together and wished her a happy birthday.

Celebrating herself, Heidi Korth shared a video of herself lighting a birthday candle and placing it on a cake. She also noted that she is grateful for her new age.

Online in-laws in the mud

Some online in-laws took to social media to pass comments on Sina Rambo’s action.

One 8patrice5 wrote: “After all that noise and drama 🙄

Ugmaaa wrote: “No put mouth for husband and wife matter”

Makky wrote: “E no mean anything. My ex used to post me even when I wasn’t even communicating with him. Nonsense men”

Ewatomilola wrote: “na why them no Dey put mouth for love matter”

Pepiterin wrote: “That’s his wife and they have a child together. I don’t think she’s back with him. Nothing wrong with wishing the mother of your child a happy birthday”

Exclusive wrote: ” After using 001 as bait”

Heidi Korth calls our husband over alleged domestic violence

Kemi Filani reported on 12th December 2022 that Heidi Korth called out her husband, Sina Rambo over alleged violence.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Korth revealed how she has been feeding and taking care of the bills of Sina Rambo. She claimed that Adeleke’s wealth is all a facade as she is the breadwinner of their family.

Dragging the upcoming singer and Governor’s son, she told him to pay her the money he owes her.

Korth shared a disturbing video of the aftermath of Sina Rambo’s violent attack on her. The son of Governor Ademola Adeleke had destroyed her door and inflicted injuries on her.

“Adelekes!!! Lol!!!!!! Watch this space!!!!! Make sure you watch this page tomorrow!!! Lol

“Every evidence shall be presented. Somebody who I just sent 10k naira. Broke asses. I’m NOT an ass kisser and will NEVER BE lmao.

“Later they will say Adeleke is my only achievement. Lmao!!! Sina pay me my money you owe me from America and Nigeria!!! Beg beg. How many people do you have to fight with over bills? Or until then jack you for neck again like it just happened. Damn Omo gov.

“After having a caesarian section and him rushing me out the hospital because he couldn’t get no weed. Me, had Covid in labor, after my cs. I left the hospital this nigga ain’t help with no chores! 3days after cesarean you tell me to cook rice for you, can’t even make tea yourself! SMH! During pregnancy I was turned into a nanny! 9 months pregnant bending and cleaning house up and down because he can’t even pickup after himself. But truly, venting this now, I be mumu”.

Heidi Korth calls out estrange husband, Sina Rambo over unpaid debt

Kemi Filani also reported that Heidi Korth resumed the online expose she started earlier this year over her husband’s infidelity and indebtedness.

Heidi Korth took to social media to reveal that her husband allegedly owes Northside hospital in Atlanta forty-eight thousand dollars, which equals thirty-five million Naira for their daughter’s birth. She claimed that Rambo gave the hospital her number and email and as such, the hospital management have been disturbing her with the payment. Heidi went on to share screenshots of the series of chats between them.

Revealing more about the issue of infidelity, Heidy Korth shared a short clip showing the face of the househelp she accused Sina Rambo of having an affair with.

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