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Thursday, March 30, 2023

It’s Just That Simple’ – Fashola Reveals Why Labour Party, NNPP, PDP Will Lose Election

Former Lagos state governor and Nigeria’s minister of labor and housing, Babatunde Fashola, has declared that the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) will win the 2023 general election. Speaking on Channel TV’s Politics Today on Monday, Fashola added that the upcoming election is a numbers game well understood by members of the ruling APC and that the opposition is split. The former energy secretary said the election would be competitive, but the ruling APC would win the election.

Fashola said: “There is momentum.” APC wins this election. We don’t expect a coronation. We know it’s a competition, but the competition is clearly behind. Elections, as they say, are a numbers game.” Isn’t that correct? But given these figures, one of the fundamental problems with the opposition is that it has split. The main opposition parties of today, the Labor Party, the New National Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party, were on the same side in 2019. Their total votes were still about 3 million votes short of the votes we won.


“It wasn’t enough when we were together, but how can it be enough when we split into three?” Are you planning to bring in new talent from outside Nigeria? That’s not enough. It’s that simple. I am pleased to see more people showing interest in the election, especially middle management. Personally, we created a sample pool of 5,000, and APC is clearly ahead of us. “We’re getting to the point where the campaign is losing momentum.”

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