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UniAbuja Female Student Welding Knife Sets Hostel On Fire (Video)

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A female student identified as Miranda, a student of the University of Abuja, on Monday, allegedly set her hostel on fire.

A viral video shows the moment the student torched her hostel bed and watched it burn down the whole room.

Miranda was seen in the video, which was shared by an Instagram handle, Abuja Fact, screaming and behaving abnormally after setting her mattress on fire, causing pandemonium.

A closer look showed the said lady wielding a knife to scare people who attempted to put out the fire.

There were also shouts from her fellow students who were displeased with her action and worried about her safety.

After several attempts by the onlookers to apprehend her and get rid of the knife, the fire was put out to avoid burning down the whole building.

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Reacting to the situation, the University’s Dean Of Student Affairs, Umar Kari, revealed that Miranda’s behaviour was caused by a mental illness and that she has been admitted to the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, Abuja.

Kari spoke to The Whistler on Monday in a phone interview, admitting that the school may not have done due diligence by properly vetting the health status of students, but the recent incident will cause the required change.

He said, “She has been taken to the Gwagwalada specialist hospital, and yes, it is a mental health problem that is the cause of the problem.

“You know, a mad person can do anything and It is just unfortunate that she is a victim of a mental health issue. So, that was just what happened.

“We have to be careful next time and look out, as we give accommodation. We have to look out for people who have these issues, and ensure they do not mix up with normal people.

“Next time, we will make sure only stable students are given hostel accommodation,” he said.

Kari further revealed that the school is keen on ensuring the safety of students while giving assurance that such an incident would never repeat itself.

When asked what the fate of the student would be he said, “Her health is paramount”.

Watch video below:

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