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Footballers Who Are Not Hated by Most People

There are different reasons why football fans love players and personality is among them.

There are some players who are knowing for their fighting spirit, ability to give it their all on the pitch, not giving up until the last whistle is blown in a match. 

However, there are some players who are being killed by people for their acts of humility, as they are most times have not appear on media headlines for any perceived bad attitudes. 

This class of players are difficult to be hated by people but rather shown more love by people. 

The reason why people some players may also be because of his philanthropic such players have been and examples of players who are known for this are the likes of Ngolo Kante, Sadio Mane, etc. Another good example is the former Barcelona talismanic player, Ronaldinho who is apparently liked by everyone for his entertaining display of skills on the pitch.

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Sadio Mane
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