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“We know you are going through a lot in your marriage” Fans mock Regina Daniels after flaunting millions gifted by billionaire husband

After recently seeking social media validation by repeatedly flaunting cash and other vain gifts from her billionaire husband, New Nwoko, actress, and mum of two, Regina Daniels has now given some of her fans the impression that she is going through a lot in her marriage.

Kemi FIlani recalls that hours ago, Regina Daniels via Instagram, showed off her husband’s newest gesture, which involved crediting her account with $100,000.

Taking to Instagram to share a screenshot of the credit alert, Regina gushed over how her husband keeps spoiling her.

This is coming just a few days after she had previously showed off the money she received from her man.

Regina Daniels

The billionaire businessman had surprised his wife, who was on a movie set with millions of nairas.

As always, Regina Daniels took to Snapchat to show off the bundles of cash he gave her. The mother of two revealed that her husband had sent the manager to bring cash to her location.

And just two months ago, the actress announced that her husband, Ned Nwoko surprised her with an N10million credit alert.

While the constant show-off has got some of her followers drooling and wishing to be in her position, some critics think that the whole act is to cover up for what she is going through in her marriage.

“Dear Youth, be careful that you’re not influenced by what people portray outwardly. You have no idea what they go through inwardly. Be happy for the gari you’re eating now and hassle honestly. By the way, we are happy for you Regina Daniels. Enjoy” one Gold stated

“Nor be everything you see for social media, you go believe…if this people tell you what they are going through you go open mouth waaaa… i stay in abuja we dey hear things oo” one Tinuke revealed.

“Regina rest! We know you are married to a billionaire but constantly trying to prove that he is taking care of you only means,he doesn’t. I guess he does it once in a while and when he does, you just can not hold the excitement of being pampered but rest abeg.” one Gift reacted.

“Fake cloud chaser to catch criuse. So. As a material girl, you have to post whenever your husband gives money each year or each time. No rich man’s wife does that on social media in this era of insecurity in Nigeria. Unless you know the kidnappers” one Funmi wrote

“I hope your community get public school sssss funded by your husband, free school uniform, free food, free books, no registration fee and all the roads in ur community is taled with good drinking water. Be proud of yourself girl, you married a wealthy philanthropist. If not, keep mute n brag in ur bedroom. But ds ur constant announcement is covering a void sha ooo. Tell us d secret, we won’t tell. I’m sure ure helping urself feel good. Keep it up. Ur mental health is crucial n happiness is free thaaaau” one Dame wrote

“Set up 😂. Make una vote wisely o. All this is coming out as people felt that Pa Ned is contesting for senatorial position because he’s running out of funds due to his “oversize” family. Now dem wan proof say the money dey, he’s just contesting for contesting sake 😂. All na scam. VOTE WISELY, my people” one Amaka wrote

“e credited ur account with 100k USD so yes we are happy for you but u r being overly childish. U always seem to be proving one point or the other. Can’t u keep things private. I hope u r never a target for these kidnappers. Keep flaunting. Hope u don’t learn de hard way one day. We wish u all the best and we pray that u always have it rosy.” one KAzim wrote

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