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The public apology backfired – Reactions as Alex Ekubo’s sister, Ifeoma defends his s*xuality –

The defence of Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo’s sexuality by his sister, Ifeoma has generated mixed reactions from the association of online in-laws.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that Ifeoma cleared the air on the shenanigans going on between Alex and his estranged fiancee, Fancy Acholonu.

In the interview, Ifeoma shut down the speculations that her brother is gay and slammed Fancy for fueling such reports with her “Live in your truth” statement and that they never had sex during their five years relationship.

Online In-laws reacts to Ifeoma’s interview

Online in-laws have reacted to the interview by Alex’s sister, Ifeoma defending his sexuality.

According to many, Alex sexuality would not be a topic for discussion if he had not allegedly forced Fancy to make a public apology. others noted that Ifeoma should have stayed out the drama.

One Tee lyfstyele wrote: If Alex had known this revenge would backfire he would have taken his L in peace then. This is just too messy.

One Tash wrote: Why isn’t Alex saying anything though or …

One lead day skincare wrote: People need to be emotionally intelligent honestly.
Alex should have thought of this before the planned the apology thing.. See how he has dragged his Family into this mess!

One Kunmi wrote: If only Alex knew this public Apology would backfire on him,he wouldn’t have asked for it.

One Mickey pride wrote: This matter get as e be.. but that 5 years celibacy was a fancy lie by fancy. I can’t believe that. A closet gay in a relationship will still nack even if na once or twice in a 5 years period,even if its to cover his tracks.Alex’s friends should keep in touch with him cos this type of ish can lead to depression..

One Tobyloba wrote: If Alex fit send fancy Wetin to post , Alex fit send him sister to do this one 😂 if you are gay you are gay Abeg make una carry this matter move.

Symply Chioma wrote: Alex made love to his fiancé and felt the need to tell you ? Is that even normal Aunty ?? Besides Fancy didn’t lie . She said they didn’t get intimate within their 5 year relationship. She didn’t add January …. the January you talking about , is it not the one of 5 days ago ??

Queen Vee wrote: It would have been better if you had kept silent. Because I don’t know how your brother would gladly discuss his sexual dealings with you a sister. It’s too ignorant to say gay don’t run in your family.. There are environmental factors that can cause people to involve in certain sexual activities. Both of you were just shouting like Wike and Amaechi. Not making any sense.

Endlight wrote: Silence is golden. Make una rest abeg.

Jay wrote: We all know Nigerians cry to gather pity. Please rest and let him defend himself. And you shouldn’t stop the girl from talking. Na Alex start am.

Natcsha Blessing wrote: This matter go long ooo hmmm Alex go Dey regret why him deceive fancy to post that apology for social media, the whole issue has backfired on him.

Lolo Chychy wrote: Who casually discusses their [email protected] with their family? It seems Alex’s family is weird! Make Una sha no provoke Fancy’s family to start dropping receipts with respect to cancelled wedding preps!

Chiny Godwin wrote: See why you shouldn’t bring relationship matter to social media??? Now even people wey no suppose, de yarn dust for the matter! Nobody knows what the truth is… Fancy should have just left it at the apology or even left it all completely. We need to understand that we owe NOBODY no explanation!!! Nobody! All this cry does not confirm or deny the truth, stop playing on our emotions please. This matter is between Alex and Fancy… Fancy too get family members na… They can also come out and cry and say ” fancy don suffer for Alex hand” … Abeg abeg abeg… Make all body just mind their business!!! 

King wrote: It’s hard to defend Alex . His sister should just keep her mouth closed. How can he have such a beautiful damsel and dpo anyhow.

Petti things wrote: Where is Alex in this whole mix? Why advocate for someone who is alive and well able to defend himself.

Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu’s soured relationship

Kemi Filani recalls that Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu got engaged May 2021, after 5 years of dating. However, their engagement didn’t last long as Acholonu suddenly called off their already-scheduled wedding in August of the same year.

On Friday, December 29tb, the model shocked many when she issued a public apology to Ekubo via Instagram, stating that her heart still belongs to him.

Ekubo reacted to the apology with a comment which read, “I appreciate the apology. May God bless us all.”

Rumours of a possible reconciliation started making rounds, before Fancy shut it down. In an unexpected turn of events, the US model claimed that Alex had fooled her into making a public apology and then blocked her.

Acholonu took to Instagram on Monday, January 2nd to declare that she is “free” and that “the chain is broken.”

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