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Weight Loss: How Eating Yam May Help To Reduce Appetite

Yam, no doubt, is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It is a tuber vegetable that is cultivated in several parts of Africa and Asia. It contains resistant starch, carbohydrate, and many other nutrients that benefit health. It also packs plant compounds, some of which serve as antioxidants in the body, so that the fight against free radicals becomes efficient. Findings show that consuming yam may also be beneficial for people who intend to lose weight. This article will look into this benefit.

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For starters, people who believe that eating yam, directly affects body size may be wrong. This is because many of these people believe that the body converts the carbohydrate of yam into calorie, which is not completely true. That said, the low amount of calorie in yam means that it may not promote weight gain. Instead, findings show that the food has what it takes to promote weight loss.

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Yam contains two substances that may support weight loss. Firstly, the food contains fibere, which is a substance that passes through the gut undigested. Fibre acts on appetite-reducing hormones, hence, making them to do extra works just to reduce your food intake. (According To Healthline, On The 5th Of August, 2019, “One animal study found that yam extract reduced food intake, suggesting that these tubers may help reduce appetite and improve weight loss. The fiber in yams may promote.”)

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That is not all, as yam packs resistant starch that also passes through the gut undigested. Findings show that resistant starch is responsible for yam’s role in promoting the existence of harmless bacteria in the gut. This substance may also help to curb hunger, so that efforts to lose weight can become fruitful. So, you should eat yam more often.

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