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Monday, January 30, 2023

Qatar 2022: Does Penalties Rely More On Luck Than Skill?

As the Japan players finally arrive back home after being thrown out of the World Cup, there is one thing that fans agree on despite their team play and it is that their penalties were terrible. Currently though, in Japan, there is a debate as to whether penalty kicks are luck or skill.

Some may say skill because It requires a lot of mental strength and nerves of steel from both the goalkeeper and strikers. I find it cruel, but that’s part of the game and others may choose luck since it is when opportunity meets ability. Abilities can be honed, opportunities can be sought, so basically luck can be created.

However It is definitelly not luck as it is a 1vs1 match between the penalty scorer and the goalkeeper. One has to read another’s movement. Moreover, penalties are a mind game. Confidence is important as much as concentration.

A player can’t let nervousness take control. It comes with experience and training and to be able to not let your surroundings affects you either. So in Japan’s case, they just lack the skill to take penalties that’s all.

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