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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

OPM Gives Four Conditions That Must Be Followed By Any Lady Who Wants To Marry Kenneth Aguba

Some Nigerian ladies have taken to social media to declare their interest in marrying veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba. This was due to a promise made by Apostle Chibuzor of OPM to get Kenneth Aguba a wife after he gifted the actor an apartment in Port Harcourt.

Reacting to the marital interest of the ladies, OPM has said that they would sponsor the wedding of any lady who wants to marry the actor but they also gave four conditions to which the lady must agree and they are as follows;

1. The lady would not be allowed to divorce the actor till after they’ve spent ten years together.

2. The lady must operate a joint account with the actor for any business that would be given to them by OPM and they must go to the bank together for any withdrawals.

3. After they’re married, he must have access to perform his conjugal rights.

4. Once in every month, they would receive a visit from a team in the church to ensure that everything is well and peaceful.

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