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Monday, January 17, 2022

“They Want To Rig Election,” Miguna Alleges the Reason Why Natembeya Was Appointed To Statehouse

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Source: Facebook

Kenyan exiled lawyer Dr Miguna has said that president Uhuru Kenyatta has enough reason to why he reappointed former rift valley regional security coordinator to statehouse just a day after resigning to concentrate on his gubernatorial bid in Tranzoia county.

Through his verified Facebook page, He posted that George Natembeya was occupying an illegal position that is not recognised in the constitution and by resigning in order to vie for any public office it was not in order as the head of state want him to be used in rigging August 9 election results.

This was after the ministry of internal security released a memo of a good number of reshuffled commissioners to the media stations as those who left were being replaced and others moved to other areas.

Kenyans should concentrate on what will make them prosperous in a united nation and not politics that will divide them into ethnic classes.

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