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Growing up around the likes of Brenda Fassie

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Pascal Kubayi, known at DJ Pasca excited to do greater this year. Photo Supplied

Growning up under the wings of music icon Brenda Fassie has left a significant impact on local DJ Pascal Kubayi, aka “DJ Pasca”.

At the age of 7, Kubayi and his mom moved from their hometown Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga to Soweto. He tells The Star that his mom became great friends with South African singer, songwriter, dancer and activist, Brenda Fassie who at the time was also his guardian.

“At that age I did not know the significance of the music influence I was surrounded by, but I enjoyed listening and hearing the sounds both my mom and aunt Brenda listened to. Looking back now I realise a seed was planted, which is my passion for music,” said Kubayi.

In the year 2006 Kubayi lost his mom to a serious illness and was forced to move back to his hometown to live with his older brother and family relatives. He said his brother invested in sound equipment and would often DJ at local events, which he would sneakily attend.

When he was older, his brother gifted him with the sound equipment to DJ at local school events, soccer tournaments and weddings.

“My mom’s passing motivated me to invest in myself and grow this passion for music. As an older brother of two sisters, I knew I had to be an example and take care of them the way my mother would have wanted me to therefore I knew there was not quitting,” he said.

After matriculating, Kubayi enrolled into the University of Johannesburg to study psychology. As a side hustle, he partnered with local DJs at well-known club Stones in Melville. He said this helped him save enough money to invest in better equipment to grow his passion to be a DJ.

Since then, DJ Pasca has been playing at some of the top night clubs such as Kong, The Pyramid and Taboo. Recently, he has earned the title of resident DJ at Shakers Cocktail bar in Maboneng where he hosts The Out and About Saga on Thursdays.

He has also featured on Mzansi Magic show, Date My Family.

When asked about what makes him different from other DJs, he said it was the fact that he would not let his worries get in the way of his passion

“I am a people’s person and I understand we all face battles on a daily. To see people, dance and have a great time is worth putting my person life aside at that moment.”

In the year 2022 Kubayi hopes to achieve greater than the year before. He has recently launched an annual festival in Mpumalanga known as Party In The Bundus where thousands of music lovers gather.

He added that he was saddened by the support government gave to DJs throughout Covid-19 and suggested all registered DJs be given some sort of incentive or an opportunity to grow a pension fund.

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