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Do Not Leave Your Underwear At Your Boyfriend’s House- Warned Sis Thembi in #Dlozlami

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Do Not Leave Your Underwear At Your Boyfriend’s House- Warn Sis Thembi in #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page

Every week #Dlozlami teaches us that as Africans we mustn’t forget who we are. Sometimes things in life go wrong not because it’s the universe preparing something great for you but because there is foul play. Thembi will teach you that we are constantly fighting invisible battles and enemies. Sometimes prayer is not enough if you don’t do anything to fight for your life.

I watched #Dlozlami today and people will bewitch you ka your underwear. Please be careful ladies. The painful thing about yesterday’s episode is that the people who are close to her are the one responsible for witchcraft and cursed. This people they laugh, cried with or even seek advice from her at the end they took four of her panties. People should be aware of such people.

People need to be careful with their things especially personal belongings because that’s what they use to strike you. Watch out for your family and Friends also cannot be trusted. Underwear, your hair, nails, money, teabag, sweat, broom, birds, fly, mouse, pens, or books and food are the items which can easily used to cursed you. Stop borrowing people your staff be conscious when people give you food. Flash your hair, flash your nails.

Those who love visiting their boyfriend’s should be careful of this warning from Sis Thembi. Friends can be dangerous. Not all friends will love you and wish you the best in life. No friends will be happy to see your life shining. Friend can sleep with your boyfriend without you knowing. Nowadays woman’s are very dangerous, when they want to take your boyfriend they can use the very same plenty or hair you left at tour boyfriend.

Sis Thembi Revealed that they can cursed your life not be able to have stands boyfriend, cause a fight in your marriage, you wake up and see your boyfriend fighting a battle which you does not know. Curse can cause you to leave your boyfriend or husband without a fight, you just wake up and pack your staff and left the house just like that.

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