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Why Death By The Brazen Bull Is Considered To Be The Worst Punishment In Ancient History

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It is interesting that as we thrive and grow as a species, we continue on the path of trying to look for ways and new methods to hurt ourselves. Whether we are hurting ourselves or hurting others, pain has always been part of what Marks our revolution. This is evident in the fact that over the years there has been several ways, invented, to create pain and to cause pain to people who have been deemed worthy of being punished? From methods created to cause death to methods that were created to cause torture, we can see over the course of history that human beings have created several methods determined to kill, maim, and Of course, punish. One of such dangerously sad methods, that was designed to punish someone until death, is the brazen bull.

In human history. It has been discovered. That in the past there was an idea that of a person is terrible and has done very terrible things, Their death is simply too merciful and as such they must die suffering and in pain and in great punishment, or anguish to truly Determine the worth of their punishment. This is why the idea of using the brazing bull also known as the bull of Phalaris, came into the picture. According to sources, the bull was first created, or perhaps first used as an execution and torture method in ancient Greece. Sources claimed that the method was created or invented by a man called Perilaus, Who created the device in an attempt to satisfy the Interest of the ruler of Akragas.

In describing the bull, one would see that it was actually in the shape of a bull, and it has a door or a doorway behind it, where a human being can be thrown into it or stuffed into it and then locked from behind. After a human being is placed into the bull, Fire is then set beneath it and an acoustic device is set through the mouth of the bull. The reason for the acoustic device is so that the screams of the one being punished could be heard as those who sought to punish him Wine and dine In the halls of the ruler of Greece at the time.

It is interesting that the bull wasn’t just created to cause pain or to punish anyone who was deemed worthy, but was also created as some sort of show for anyone who would be interested in watching. So basically what this means is that anyone could just come into the palace of the king, sit and watch as someone is being tortured to death, they listen to the screams and somehow it’s great satisfaction for them. According to sources, the Inventor of the dangerous device, did so in service of his king, and was quite excited to present it to him. Unfortunately after overstepping his boundaries with words, he was tricked by the king to get inside the bull and ironically, the one who created the bull became it’s first victim. This wasn’t the only Irony, the king himself is said to have also been killed in the same instrument after he was overthrown. Quite an interesting turn of event. 

The Brazen Bull and Christians; Though, the brazen Bull was created to punish people in Greece. It soon became a tool in the hands of Romans who used it against Christians and used it quite actively. According to sources, the brazen bull was used against one of Christianity’s most active patrons, St Eustace. It was said that St. Eustace was burned alive in the brazen bull alongside his family. Not only was it the only one, there were others such as St. Antypas. Who was burned alive in the Brazing Bull in 92 AD. 




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