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Stop with the mayonaise and beetroot combo, here are some salads to try for Sunday lunch.

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I know you love having your sunday lunches with a side of mayonnaise, beetroot and tomato sauces. For many this 3 complete their plate and makes their food have that extra something for taste. But let’s just having this with your rice or pap and meat can be quite boring at times, so to spice up your plate, try these amazing side salads that are easy to make as well as delicious.

1. Chakalaka. Chakalaka is a classic in South Africa. So next time add this to your Sunday lunch to spice it up.

2. Potatoes. Potatoes can be made into a potato salad or roasted. This is another easy recipe to make for a side.

3. Anything with lettuce. If you have lettuce you can put anything you can think of to spice it up and you have a great side.

4. Coleslaw is another easy and delicious side you can make.

5. Beetroot is delicious alone but you can easily turn it into a recipe.

6. Creamy spinach is another delicious recipe you can try for Sunday lunch.

These are easy uncomplicated recipes you can try this Sunday.

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