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16 reasons why India is totally different from any other country in the world

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India is a nation of miracles. With the second biggest populace on the planet which may go to the top soon, the nation has accomplished a great deal. India is a tremendous country with boundless varieties and in contrast to some other nation, it’s entirely unexpected at each 100 miles. You can track down another dialect, new culture, and new everything simply every 100 miles. The nation is practically mind boggling and subsequently unique in relation to each country you at any point found out about.

The following are what makes India unique in relation to some other country on the planet:

India has 6 seasons.

In the mean time, the world has 4 seasons, India has these 6 seasons consistently.

1600 dialects are spoken in India alone.

The world is said to have 8000 realized dialects to date, while the nation is home to 1/fifth of them. 122 dialects out of these 1600 are significant dialects. 30 of them have in excess of 1,000,000 speakers.

A few schools don’t accept cash as their expenses.

India has tracked down a center method of getting helpless children to school and furthermore tidying up plastic by permitting plastic waste to be paid as expenses. This cleans the countries just as empowers children to study at the same time.

Individuals need you to horn at them.

In certain nations, sounding is even disallowed. While here, you’ll observe messages like ‘Horn OK Please’ or ‘Blow Horn’ behind uncompromising vehicles like trucks, and so forth This is with the goal that they know whether somebody needs to overwhelm them in the midst of the uproarious commotions the vehicle produces.

India is a green country.

The world is dealing with issues in regards to trees and ranches. While in the beyond 20 years India has seen critical development in the green cover which additionally expands the worldwide cover around the world.

Men can clasp delivers the general population.

Indians wouldn’t fret men clasping delivers the general population, they’re not named as gay people as some other nation would.

The number of inhabitants in Australia is equivalent to Indians who travel utilizing trains ordinary.

Simply envision the populace for this situation!

It’s a modest country.

While you pay $10 for a straightforward mug of espresso elsewhere, you can get a full supper for under $5 in India.

Veggie lover food is effectively accessible.

In India, 80% of the populace rehearses Hinduism which precludes Non-veggie lover food. Along these lines, it would be simple for you to track down veggie lover food here. While eating out in non-veggie lover eateries isn’t hard also. It’s a multi-cooking country.

Yes And No is truly confounding.

Here, Yes and No are both done utilizing a similar wobble and it’s truly hard disentangling that. Along these lines, on the off chance that you want to keep away from this unscrambling, simply use words all things being equal.

Cricket is a religion in India.

While there may be numerous nations with many games, India has nearly made the sport of cricket a religion. Individuals who practice this ‘religion’ is more than the number of inhabitants in numerous nations.

Indians don’t utilize bathroom tissue.

Indians like to wash utilizing water and consequently you may track down containers or stream splashes here rather than tissue rolls like some other country.

One town doesn’t have entryways on the front entryway.

A town named Shani Shingnapur doesn’t have entryways on any of its homes. The principal bank that opened in the unassuming community was in 2011 and surprisingly that doesn’t have entryways. Individuals accept that the entryways would be secured by God and they have been valid till date as the town has no burglaries by any stretch of the imagination!

Chess and Snakes And Ladders are Indian games.

Prepackaged games like chess and what individuals ordinarily call Chutes and Ladders were started in India and nobody even knew where they began.

The nation has limitless celebrations.

India is a mainstream country and with such countless religions and divine beings and variety, each celebration has equivalent significance and an administration issues occasion for the whole country.

It has the most number of Miss World titles.


India is said to have the most number of Miss World Titles won by any nation, to be definite, 6 and consequently we can term it as the nation of delightful individuals

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