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Govt to Provide Identification Numbers for Private Security Guards

The government, in collaboration with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), has introduced a range of initiatives aimed at bolstering the private security sector and strengthening national security.

Fazul Mahamed, the Director General of PSRA, announced these developments during a press conference on Thursday at Nairobi’s Westgate Shopping Mall.

The key element of these reforms involves the implementation of Guard Force Numbers for private security officers. This measure is designed to enhance supervision and coordination within the private security sector while concurrently reinforcing national security.

“This number is a unique identifier designed to facilitate easy recognition of private security officers by members of the public and to assist the government in keeping track of licensed private security officers,” Fazul said.

The Director General said this measure will also facilitate the monitoring of licensed private security officers’ activities throughout the country.

In addition to these identification initiatives, the government says it is currently integrating private security companies into the national security infrastructure.

“Once formalised, private security providers will have a direct line of communication with the government’s command and control centre to minimise bureaucratic red tape and speed up response in emergencies,” he said.

NYS Trainees to be prioritised

As part of its efforts to access a skilled workforce, the government is currently formulating a comprehensive policy framework aimed at giving priority to the training of National Youth Service (NYS) members.

“Upon graduation, there is no established framework for the absorption, transition, placement and/or employment of the highly trained and disciplined members of the NYS in either the private or public sector. We are now developing a policy framework that, once adopted, will prioritise NYS training as a key consideration for employment by private security companies,” Fazul explained.

The PSRA Director General also revealed the government’s dedication to furnishing Private Security Officers (PSOs) with professional training to equip them in addressing ever-evolving security challenges.

“Under this arrangement, Grade ‘A’ PSOs will be rated as the most qualified and will be given the most critical assignments. Grade ‘B’ officers will be assigned to unarmed cash-in-transit escort duties. Finally, Grade ‘C’ officers will be assigned to guard homes and compounds of private individuals requiring security services,” he said.

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