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Raila needs to be stopped: Ngunjiri Wambugu

Former Nyeri Town Member of Parliament, Ngunjiri Wambugu, today took to social media to express his concerns about opposition leader Raila Odinga and his political alliance, Azimio la Umoja. Wambugu questioned Azimio’s ability to address the escalating cost of living in Kenya. This statement followed a protest led by Raila Odinga against the government in Nairobi. Wambugu’s challenge raises important questions regarding Azimio’s proposed solutions and calls for regarding the rising cost of living and recently passed finace bill.

Wambugu asks Azimio to consider what actions they would have taken to alleviate the cost of living if they had emerged victorious in the previous election. This hypothetical situation allows for a critical examination of Azimio’s potential policies and provides an opportunity to evaluate their feasibility and effectiveness.

11 months ago Azimio lost an election. Assuming they had won what would they have done by today to reduce the cost of living? Why can’t they share that option, so that Kenyans can compare what they lost versus what’s there today?” He posted.

Wambugu’s subsequent statement highlights his belief that Azimio la Umoja cannot present a clear plan for reducing the cost of living because they understand the complexity and challenges associated with such a task. He compares Azimio’s actions to the biblical story of the woman who suggested splitting the baby, implying that they are attempting to provoke division and unrest among Kenyans.

“They can’t. Because they know it wasn’t going to be easy even if we had won. That’s why all they do now is incite Kenyans against the government. Like the woman in the Bible they want us to ‘split the Baby!’

Now children are scared of going to school when Azimio is on the streets. Petrol stations are getting vandalized. Supermarkets are getting looted. Poor Kenyans are getting shot at by other poor Kenyans.

All so that Raila & his friends & family can negotiate themselves into a space that allows them to influence the government – so that government can take care of their personal interests.

This #Upuz must stop.” Read the post


 What is your take on the former Nyeri town Mp comments?

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