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“Hii Hapana” Kenyans ‘Attack’ Milly Chebby After She Posted This Photo That Didn’t Impress Many

Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby was blasted by Kenyans today after wearing what seemingly didn’t impress most of them. Chebby posted a video glad in a bikini with a caption while telling her followers to be themselves.

“Be you. There’s no one better than you can be,” read a part of her post.

However, she seemed ready and expected Kenyans to troll her over the attire. She said on the caption that she was waiting for comments. She told the followers to write the insults at a time.

She posted the photo to market a resort based in Nyali in Mombasa. Kenyans flooded her page to tell her she looks better in a recent ‘kitenge’ she had worn. A section however told her that she had courage to post such a photo online.

Kenyans are known for cyber bullying. It takes courage and toughness for one to survive such an environment especially for celebrities. See what Kenyans had to say on the screenshots.

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