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Rachel Tabitha Opens Up On Being The Last Wife, Urgues Husband Must Stay In Different House

Youth president Rachel Tabitha has opened up on her intention to get married the African way and follow the customs to the latter.

According to the jeshi ya Baba leader, she is more than ready to settle in a polygamous marriage but as the last wife so that she can have all the freedom on the world to do politics and serve the nation as a leader.

She claimed that she is ready for marriage now because she’s very pretty, productive and energetic at this stage of life.

However she noted with a lot of concern that her husband must stay in different house with her and she will only visit him twice in a week, a condition which is none negotiable.

“I wanna get married while still at my Prime,still pretty, productive, energetic ,close to zero body count and zero scandals. Not as a first wife though, could be the last wife. I wanna be free ,do politics & serve my Country! Cheers to Maturity. Polygamy is African.You marry me, we stay in different houses, I see you twice in a week, not negotiable,” she said.




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Rachel Tabitha

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