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Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Wangu By Force” University Lady Proposes To Class Representative, Slides Ring On His Finger

A source has reported about a lady who saw what she wanted and took her shot. This isby publicly proposing to her class representative in the university. 

More to that, before he could say yes, she slid the ring onto his finger. This is something that actually left their other classmates laughing and baffled.

The class representative was not also aware that the lady actually wanted him. This act was also something that baffled him as it came as a shock to him.

In regard to that, a netizen has alleged that, It will end in premium tears,you must follow the protocol. I can see increasing number of single mum if this continues.

Well, it is important to tell out how our hearts feel but also ensure that it is in a good way. The lady has a better option of revealing her feelings and not in public, but in private.

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