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Ruto Spills the Beans During Madaraka Day, Reveals Who Is Keeping Him Awake Amidst Kenyan’s Suffering

President William Ruto addressed the pressing issue of the high cost of living in the country, stating that it is a matter of concern for all leaders, himself. However, he expressed satisfaction with the ongoing debate surrounding the Finance Bill.

During the 60th Madaraka Day celebrations in Embu, the President emphasized that the bill has shifted the national discourse from political and ethnic discussions that had dominated the country in recent times. He commended Kenya for leading the way in generating public debate on crucial matters affecting the people, such as taxation and other policy issues.

The President acknowledged that the discussion on the Finance Bill is taking place in various public spaces and workplaces, indicating its significance and widespread impact.

President William Ruto highlighted the extensive nature of the ongoing debate on the Finance Bill, stating that it is taking place across various sectors of society.

He noted that discussions are happening in churches, social gatherings, formal and informal workplaces, as well as on all media platforms. This indicates the wide-reaching impact and engagement of the public on this issue.

Ruto also emphasized that the debate has remained focused on the issues at hand and has avoided divisive ethnic rhetoric. This indicates a positive trend toward addressing the substantive matters related to the Finance Bill.

“There is a robust debate on the Finance Bill taking place very where in this country, churches, social places formal and informal work places, all media platforms and busy as well as in urban and rural gathering,” Ruto said.

“For weeks now the debate has remained issue oriented and there is no hint of divisive ethnic rhetoric at all,” he added.

These statements by President Ruto come shortly after the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition announced that its MPs would vote against the Finance Bill 2023.

In a statement read by National Assembly Minority Whip Opiyo Wandayi, the coalition called for the complete withdrawal of the Finance Bill and its reintroduction in a manner that better serves the interests of Kenyans.

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