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Mukumu Girls’ Cook Speaks, Reveals What He Was Allegedly Ordered To Cook After Rejecting It

Mukumu Girls Secondary school has been hitting the headlines in many newsrooms after students allegedly lost their lives in unclear circumstances within the school. The situation has worsened further after more than 82 students are kept away from school following sudden illness emanating from the alleged food poisoning. The casualties from the strange sickness within the school keep on piling.

The students who are yet to recover from symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach pain are not sure whether they will sail through as the effects of alleged food poisoning worsen. Everything looks strange and mystery since no one knows exactly what is going on within the school.

However, Douglas Muchela, seems to have an answer to what has been ongoing within the kitchen sector. Muchela who joined Mukumu Girls as a cook ten years ago was also hospitalised after exhibiting symptoms similar to those that the students had.

The straight-talking Muchela alleged that he was given meat to cook but since it was not fresh, he rejected it. Muchela claimed that he was later demanded to cook the foul meat which led to over 82 students being admitted to the hospital and one lost her life. Further, he revealed that teachers declined to eat the meat while students had no option.

“Sometimes, we could get beef that was not palatable. When I saw such, I would reject it and say that I wouldn’t cook it. The cateress could then report me to the principal, who would summon me and order me to cook. When that happened, teachers opted not to eat it, but students had no option,” said Muchela as he confirmed what Mukumu’s Principal ordered him to do.

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