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Thursday, July 18, 2024

“I Have To Kill 4 Students & Commit Suicide” Alex Confesses After Joining High School Satanic Club

In an interview with Kamuhunjia, a 20-year-old man by the name Alex has gone ahead to give details of scary incidents while he was in high school. The man has said that he was in high school in Nakuru.

He has talked about how life was tough and burying was an every day thing. In order to get protection from the older students, he was forced into a group where he could be sodomized against his will.

Afterwards, he was then introduced into a group where students would be taken out of school by big expensive cars. These belonged to some politicians and also to rich business men.

They would then have fun, take drinks and smoke, given money and later, they would be taken to school. In regard to that, the young man confessed that the principal of the high school knew what was happening.

After that, he was initiated into a group where they were told to worship the devil. They would be punished after death but they would end up living with him. He was then supposed to initiated ten more members every year in high school. After leaving High school, he was to kill four students that he had recruited and also kill himself, so that he would join Satan and live with him.

Video Source: https://youtu.be/JwnVw_alr1s

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