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Kenyattas Smile All The Way To The Bank Even After Northlands Invasion, Get Millions In Dividends.

The family of the late president of the republic of Kenya jomo Kenyatta has been dominating headlines since Monday this week when goons descended on northlands and stole animals before Setting some parts a blaze.

According to the media sources, the invaders who came from elsewhere initially wanted to settle on the land.

The government has since promised to carryout investigations inorder to bring the culprits to book even as the opposition led by the former prime minister Raila Odinga point an accusing finger on the deputy president Rigathi Gachagwa.

Nevertheless, Kenyatta’s family which has diversified it’s investments is set to reap big from banking.

Their investment in NCBA bank seems to be one of the best investment decisions they ever made as the banking sector emerged to be one of the most lucrative amid economic meltdown across other sectors of the economy.

The Kenyatta’s are set to receive KSH 924.36 million for their combined 13.2 percent stake in NCBA group which has proposed a dividend payout of KSH 4.25 per share up from KSH 3 a share a year earlier.

It’s worth noting that Last year, the family received KSH 652.5 millions in dividends from NCBA.

Another greatest beneficiary in the pay bonanza will be the family of former central bank governor Philip ndegwa.

The Ndegwa Family will Pocket KSH 876 million from their 12.52 shareholding in the which was created following the merger between NIC and CBA.

Other big players in the banking sector that age going to smile all the way to the bank include equity chief executive officer Dr James Mwangi who will take home KSH 685.3 million followed by cooperative bank CEO Gideon muriuki whose investments in the will give him KSH 154 Million.

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