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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

“I Will Play The Dirty Game” Mitchelle Ntalami Warns Everyone Talking Dirty About Her Online

The beef between Minne From real housewives of Nairobi and Mitchell Ntalami keeps growing day by day. The two had an argument at an event and words were thrown around where each of them wanted to be recognized as the queen.

After the show, what was supposed to be left on the show was never left there. Somebody never got the memo of ‘what happens in Rome stays in Rome’.

Minne went ahead and interviews on radios about the same.

The theme, “you write Instagram posts I write checks” became a thing. T-shirts were branded with it and truly as the hustler she claimed she was, minne actually found a business opportunity and grabbed it at first sight.

One month down, Mitchell Ntalami has come out and called minne out on the behaviour. To her , Minne is trying to pull another woman down while Mitchelle is all for woman empowerment. She has said enough is enough and she is ready to face her adversaries head on. She doesn’t believe in staying quiet while people throw mud at her name. ” I’ve never been too great at kicking off a dirty game. But if we must play count on me when it’s time for checkmate”.

Mitchelle Ntalami is telling Minne it’s game on. Where will this end? Let’s wait and see guys.


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