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“Watoto Wasome” Bright Girl Who Failed To Attend School Rescued By Mathioya MP

Millicent Njeri Mwangi stared at her bleak future as financial challenges that hindered her from attending school knocked on their door. She stayed for over a month without going to school due to lack of school fees.


Little did she know that her predicament was short-lived. She should now thank her lucky stars after Mathioya MP Hon. Edwin Mugo Gichuki came to her rescue amidst her family’s worries.


According to official information from the MP’s Facebook page, Millicent is now a happy girl as she has to resume her studies at Kibutha Girl’s High School.



“We have ensured that Millicent Njeri Mwangi from Kiuu village in Gitugi ward reports back to Kibutha Girls’ High School after paying for full school fees,” read the MP’s statement.

Hon. Mugo said that the girl has stayed at home for one-and-half-months due to lack of school fees despite being among the bright students in the school.

The MP has been supporting several cases of financial issues among learners across Mathioya Constituency. His social media accounts signal a reformist whose main aim is to support education to transform the constituency.

The legislature uses the phrase “Watoto Wasome” to signify his bid to ensure learners attend school by supporting them. He stated that he wants to ensure a 100 percent transition of learners from primary to secondary school in Mathioya Constituency.

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