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Linturi Receives Chief Administrative Secretaries Attached To His Office Despite Court’s Order.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi on Wednesday, received the two Chief Administrative Secretaries attached to his office despite the court order barring the chief Administrative Secretaries from assuming the office until a case filed against them is determined.

Taking to his official social media pages, the Agriculture Cabinet Secretary expressed confidence that the two will help him run the docket effectively.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi and his Chief Administrative Secretaries Jackson Kiptanui and Mr. Daniel Wamahiu Kiongo when he received them at the Ministry’s headquarters. Photo/Courtesy

“I have had the pleasure to receive the recently appointed CASs to my Ministry; Hon. Jackson Kiptanui and Mr. Daniel Wamahiu Kiongo at Kilimo House. We have had a discussion & they have conveyed their eagerness and determination to go the extra mile for the betterment of our farmers” the Cabinet Secretary posted on his official social media pages.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Linturi and his Chief Administrative Secretaries. Photo/Courtesy.

“With such a competent team, I am confident that our joint endeavours will fulfill the Kenya Kwanza vision of ensuring Food and Nutrition security for Kenya and further advancing our position as a food hub in the continent” the Cabinet Secretary added.

Source: https://twitter.com/ntvkenya/status/1640988739211018241?t=zZ1ICxwswMDE7ZOrR6qbIg&s=19

The Law Society of Kenya and concerned activists moved to court to challenge the appointments, however, the Chief Administrative Secretaries were Sworn in. The lawyers are challenging the number of the chief Administrative Secretaries appointed by Ruto, this is after he appointed a total of 50 individuals instead of 23 that the court allowed. The case is yet to be determined.

Source: https://twitter.com/mithika_Linturi/status/1640988055438753792?t=Jm_6whpfScztUZc1r1F0vQ&s=19

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