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Heaven’s Prayer for Breakfast As Camera Shows What Bahati’s Eat For Breakfast (screenshots)

Among the most famous social media influencers we have the Bahatis family. This is a celebrity family that comes into picture as brand influencers for various companies. Diana, Bahati and their children that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Malaika are top influencers hence create a larger space for their celebrity lifestyles on the screens.

Today Diana’s first three kids are already in school as her biological firstborn daughter Heaven is five years old while Majesty is about three. The two kids are always on the screens shining aa they show off their richkid vibes.

In one of the most recent videos shared online, Heaven Bahati was spotted saying a passionate prayer for their breakfast. In that heartwarming prayer the little girl even prayed for her parents. On the same note, it was noted that the kids really live a super amazing lifestyles being celebrity kids.

Their plates had a very delicious meal as they enjoyed sausages, toasted bread and tea. It’s really a beautiful moment seeing a young girl like Heaven praying for her meals and thanking God for everything.

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