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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

INTERESTING: How Different Countries In Africa Have Been Protesting In Regard To Political Matters

Seen videos from South Africa. All they did was dance in the streets and then head home. Deep down I suspect they wish they were in Kenya. 

In one of our videos, one was only allowed to walk the streets holding a stone. Stones were nowhere, so some ninjas showed up with them, selling each piece for kshs 20/-. “Mawe mbao!”

Some people even bargained, “mimi nataka uusie mimi ya kumi” and they went looking for a smaller stone worth 10/- We are on another level.

You know our brothers from Central are very innovative, they didn’t sell the stones but they supplied them and watched on TV how their products are put into use and how to cover the market better in the next round.

But there is a video of Kibra behind the scenes collection, if you watch you will petition Hollywood for the best Action Reality Movie award of the year.




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Mawe mbao
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