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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Amount of Money That Would Make MP Peter Salasya Shave His Rugged Hair

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya says his trademark rugged hairstyle is here to stay.

Speaking with YouTuber Mungai Eve, the outspoken first-time lawmaker said he would only shave his hair for Sh1 million.

β€œNo one can make me shave this hair. Unless someone gives me a million bob,” he said.

Salasya said he loves his hair that way because it is unique. He also noted that Parliament rules do not require an MP to shave his hair.

β€œWomen are allowed to wear wigs and weaves, so why are men not allowed to rock whatever they want?” he posed.

The MP added: β€œThere are no standing orders saying someone must shave.”

Speaking about how other MPs treat him, Salasya noted that he gets mistreated.

β€œIt’s like being inΒ high school. You will be mistreated but with time, they get used to it,” he said.

β€œIf you respect me, I will do the same, if you disrespect me, I will serve you the same.”

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