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Thursday, March 30, 2023

“I Do Not Celebrate Living With HIV” Famous Celebrity Now States On Social Media

Earlier today, famous HIV advocate doreen moraa moracha expressed her mind on social media. posting on her social media pages, moraa made it clear that she does not glorify or celebrate living with HIV as many people thought.

She acknowledged that she was HIV positive claiming that there’s nothing wrong with it. she further stated that she lives and speaks out bodly because she cannot let a tiny virus define her. offering an advice, the advocate urged everyone to be kind to people living with HIV because they are also humans.

Moracha also hoped that through her, many will learn to normalize testing for HIV, using prevention and being prevention champions in different spaces. she concluded by stating that she will continue to take her ARVs publicly until she sees a stigma free society. moracha also promised to continue speaking about her journey, educate and advocate for people to normalize the HIV conversation.

Despite of being born with HIV, moracha has overcome all odds by standing out and proving that HIV does not define her. many now look up to her daily posts for motivational purposes. we continue to wish her the best.


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