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We Forced Raila To Nominate Winnie Odinga To EALA- Senator Hezena

The news reaching our desk in that a nominated senator Hezena has revealed that they forced Raila to nominate Winnie Odinga to East Africa legislative assembly. The was keen to note that this was a form of appreciation to the family for allowing Raila so fight for democracy for the longest time in history.

She was keen to note that they believe that Raila Amollo Odinga is the liberator of this country and the meetings being held will force Ruto out of office. This is a move that is meant to ensure that they deal with the high standards of living in the country that has been on the spike a few months ago.

Hezena has celebrated Raila as the people’s President and he’s word is final to them as leaders together with their supporters. She highlighted that no one was going to question any direction given to them by Raila and they will ensure that they follow it to the letter.

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