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“Sometimes I Find It Very Difficult To Understand Raila” Gov Lenku Speaks Amid The Anti-Ruto Protest

Azimio la Umoja one Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga has been dealt a blow once again as his aide disagree with his planned protest countrywide which are aimed at claiming back their victory as well as condemning high taxes imposed to the people of kenya.

Speaking in Kajiado Azimio governor Joseph Ole Lenku has disagree with Raila amid his protest in the country at time when he should be addressing issue affecting the people of kenya and not focusing on elections that happened five months ago. He said that sometimes he doesn’t understand his boss, but however Lenku alleged that sometimes the route Raila has taken can also solve issues but it’s the wrong time to do that.

According to Lenku, instead of Raila Odinga organizing protest there are better ways of solving disputes with is going through the legal process, saying that Kenya is not a lawless country.

It’s true that kenyans are facing hard economic times with drought hitting different parts of the country as well as the economic crisis that has led to the continuous increments in the price of essential commodities. So according to former governor that’s what Raila Odinga should be addressing and not issues pertaining elections

“Sometimes i do not understand my boss(Raila). Maybe, in the long run, mass action can solve issues. But untill then the focus should be on addressing the challenges affecting the people of kenya. There is a process of addressing any arising dispute through the court because we are not a lawless country. We already have a serious economic crisis because of drought and harsh economic times. Every leader should follow the law” he said

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