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Ruto Warned As Expert Alleges The Biggest Mistakes He Has Made By Allowing Raila Rallies Take On

Professor Naituli Gitile, a governance specialist, claims that the mistake William Ruto is currently making by turning Raila’s rallies into a yelling battle is as follows. As Raila continues to blame them for bringing down the high cost of living, this comes after the president rebuffed Raila’s requests from his rallies, calling them glity.

In a video clip that the writer saw online, Prof. Naituli Gitile was quoted as saying that the president and his staff are currently making the error of falling into Raila and Azimio’s trap by turning the rallies into a yelling war. He has also claimed that by continuing to argue with Raila and his entourage over his legitimacy as president, he is already committing a grave error.


He also claimed that the opposition is currently employing the same strategy he did in 2017 and that, if the president is not careful, he will fall into his own trap. At the same time, he advised or rather suggested that the president keep quiet and pay attention to what the opposition is doing and working on, particularly with regard to the high cost of living.

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