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Insufficient Teachers, Uniforms and Fees Crisis Haunt Grade 7 Learners

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The Junior Secondary School learners are set to be admitted to starting from today.However according to the information printed in the People Daily Newspaper, the Junior Secondary is experiencing several challenges. Firstly, there is still shortage of teachers for Junior Secondary as hiring has not been conducted.Parents have also been asked to pay fees to cater for learners’ meals in school.Moreover the issue of type of school uniform has also caused inconvenience ahead of junior secondary admissions.Lack of laboratories for junior secondary school learners is also a major challenge.Indeed the government of Kenya should collaborate with the ministry of education and come up with more strategies to improve the quality of junior secondary school education.However what is your concern regarding the challenges noted ahead of junior secondary school admissions today? Kindly share your comment and follow us for other more updates. https://www.facebook.com/157938737717713/posts/pfbid0xsMb3SFNZURR2kkhNHtz5he9eRziubpjXptqRD4LEJmeEHCMVxfW7XRFkfNzff7wl/?app=fbl(the source link)

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